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My name is Jimmy Floretsen and I’m a pro gambler from Canada and been playing online slots for the past 7 years. I’ve seen completely different themes, with different reels, different paylines, and all kinds of slots existing in the world – from the best manufacturers to the most terrible ones that barely loaded on our computer… Therefore, I have selected only high quality and interesting free online slots, which we are sure will appeal to Canadian players.

100% match bonus based on first deposit of $10+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only
100% match bonus based on first deposit of $10+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only
100% match bonus based on first deposit of $10+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only
100% match bonus based on first deposit of $10+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only

The very first slot machine was created in far 1897. The first device saw the light thanks to invention that was made by Charles August Fey, auto mechanic by profession. The device had three coils and five pictures. They were started in motion by pressing a lever. Hence the name “One-armed bandit”.

The device was so imperfect that it made it easy to cheat. For this reason, the winnings were limited to 50 cents. Of course, over time, slot machines have evolved and today have reached their perfection.

Best Online Casinos in Canada to play Free Online Slots 2021

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New customers only
4.3 rating
Wellcome Offer:
Up to C$ 1000
Bonus for New Players
First deposit only. Min. $10 deposit. T&Cs apply.
New customers only
4.0 rating
Bonus up to:
Up to C$ 1000
Welcome Package
100% match bonus based on first deposit.
New customers only

Slot machines are the most popular online casino games both in Canada and worldwide. This becomes apparent even by reading casino reviews. Take VulkanVegas for example, this online casino offers:

  • 1,920 slot machines,
  • 47 table card games such as blackjack, poker and baccarat,
  • 19 roulettes,
  • 20 video poker games,
  • 12 casino tables with live dealers.

This ratio of online slots to other games is inherent in all casinos, because they satisfy consumer demand and provide what is played the most.

The popularity of slot machines is largely due to the fact that this is a relaxed game, there is no need to think hard, develop a strategy and count cards. You get distracted from the hustle and bustle, you relax, it’s fun, so why not? Some spend money on travel, food, alcohol, and this money goes away forever. Spending them on slot machines, you have a chance not only to return them by breaking even, but also to significantly increase them.

Slots are for fun, not for money making! Do not forget about it!

People also love slot machines for progressive slots, hoping to hit the jackpot and take away several million dollars at once. I am not the person who will dissuade you in this, because Jackpots are really won, but they are won by 1 person per month or even in several months, and this winner is definitely the one who plays. Luck can knock at the door for each of us.

How to play online slots?

There is no mathematics and it’s one of the main reasons why free online slots games have become incredibly popular among players. Everything depends on your luck and not skill, anyone can become the next winner.
To start playing online slots:
– Select your ideal coin value on “control panel” and then set the amount to bet.
– The bet amount will be multiplied by the number of activated paylines. It can be increased or decreased, or fixed throughout the game.
– Hit the “Spin” button and let the good times come now!

Types of Free Online Slots

There are thousands of different online slots, and some Canadian Online Casinos can easily compete with a traditional casino with their collection of classic and modern slot machines. Slots are generally categorized as classic slots, which tend to lack identifiable theme, but have more in common with old-fashioned fruit machines than today’s high-tech offerings.

On the other hand, video slots often boast stunning 2D or 3D graphics with animation, and come with many additional features that dramatically increase their entertainment value. Popular themes for video slots range from Celtic and Greek mythology to classic films and newest blockbusters, from amazing themes to wacky and whimsical creations.

Slots also differ in their jackpots, winning methods and reel mechanisms. The specific configurations depend a lot on the game providers – NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft are some of the biggest creators of online slots. Slots can range from regular five reel 15 payline slots to 50 payline slots with 1,024 ways to win with multiple jackpots, or even progressive jackpots that go up every time someone plays and doesn’t win, until the final payout unties the bag of coins and falls into the hands of a lucky player.

Online Free Slots Games

Video Slots

Great graphics, vibrant colors! Рaving tried good quality videoslots you will not want to play any other. In 2021, Starburst, Big Bad Wolf and Game of Thrones are the most popular.

3D Slots

Imagine the heroes of your favorite slots come to life. 3D graphics allows you to make characters realistic and your emotions vivid. Games like Amazon Queen and Cleopatra will take you to another reality.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots are the most popular type of online slots as everyone wants to compete for the main jackpot that can reach tens of millions of dollars. For example, when playing Mega Moolah and Major Millions, part of your bet goes to total prize pool, thus forming a progressive jackpot.

Fruit Machines

These are classic games with classic symbols such as 777, bell, and fruit. Perhaps if you are a beginner, you should start with the classic fruit slot machine games, and the most popular in 2020 are Cash Stax and Call of Fruity.

Speaking about free online slots mechanism of operation, all slot machines can be divided into TWO LARGE GROUPS:

Mechanical slotsVideo slots

The first group of slots are mechanical slots with 3 reels and 5 paylines. They are called mechanical, because the player needs to make an effort to turn the drum into action. It is logical that such slot machines can be found in the gaming halls of land-based casinos. When we talk about classic 3-reel online casino slots, they cannot be called mechanical.

Video slots are any slots that you face on the Internet. These are bright high-end, sometimes even animated slots that can have 3-5-7 or even 9 reels.
With a lot more winning lines and all kinds of bonuses. All this makes the player’s experience much more interesting and varied.

Free Slot Machines

Free slot machines are a training ground. You can be a beginner player and want to figure out how it works, or you are experienced but want to try out a new slot. Why would you risk your money right away? Everything is reasonable – the online casino offers you to get acquainted with a new product for you free of charge so that you can choose the option that suits you.

The reasons we play free slots:

  • We have just discovered the exciting and vibrant world of casinos, and we want to taste it. Cheers to gambling operator for letting us do it for free.
  • The software provider has released a new slot or released a long time ago, but we just got to it and we also want to try it out for free at first, although we already have some experience and understanding of the game.
  • Sometimes you just want to play around without risking money, without any serious intentions.

Almost all online casinos in Canada provide the opportunity to play Demo Games.

Another advantage of Free Slots is that you don’t need to register and create an account. For the majority of those who are still in doubt whether they need it or not, trying free slots is exactly what they need. Although registration usually takes couple of minutes and for basic sign up one only needs email and phone number, it is more pleasant playing even without this small yet aggravating factor – you just start the game and spin the reels.

All top software vendors give the opportunity to try slots for free:

  • Novomatic,
  • Igrosoft,
  • Mega Jack
  • Art Gambling

Try the top slot machines for free:

  • Book Of Ra,
  • Aztec Gold,
  • Sizzling Hot,
  • Fruit Cocktail,
  • Bananas Go Bananas
  • The Money Game

Real Money Slots

In addition to online free slots games, you can also continue playing real money slots if you wish. To start playing slots for real money, one needs to create an account on online casino website of his choice, which accepts C$. Otherwise, there is not a single chance you will deposit and withdraw your money back. During registration, make sure to pay attention to available payment methods. Hopefully it is not only Visa and Mastercard, because it is way more pleasant to deposit using e-wallets because in that case you do not need to share your bank card info.

Having created an account on online casino website, determine whether to accept the bonus and make your first deposit. Each online casino in Canada has its own requirements for minimum deposit; however, the amounts there mostly range from 10 to 25 dollars. If you are afraid to take risks, deposit the minimum amount.

When you finish the sign up part, choose a slot machine. When playing for real money, pay attention to the following factors.

Factors to look for when playing for money

  • RTP is a special value that shows what percentage of the funds invested by players are returned to them. Accordingly, the higher the percentage, the better for the player. Slots with 95% RTP and higher are considered good.
  • Volatility is a slot characteristic that shows the frequency of winning combinations and the size of the payout coefficients. The lower the volatility, the more often slot machines pay out, but the lower these winnings are. The higher the volatility, the larger the winnings are. High rollers are chasing the latter, since they have large payout multipliers for the most valuable combinations of symbols.
  • Additional features – such as free spins or risk game. Looks like everything is clear for the free spins. Free spins can be given to new players upon registration. They can also be awarded to existing players who have caught a certain combination while playing, or got a round of free spins, which can increase their balance. The Risk Game is an interesting feature that can double your funds after each winning spin of the reels. I advise you to use this feature in low volatility slots when playing for real money with small bets.

Professional gambler’s recommendations

Find reliable casino

Online casino with a history and active marketing campaign does not risk its reputation. Pay attention to foreign online casinos that have licenses from other states, especially from Maltese or British Commissions – sometimes they allow Canadians to play.

Choose lower volatility

If you like getting winnings more often but of smaller sizes, choose slot machines with lower volatility.
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, imho.

Play simple and easy-to-understand games

The clearer the game is, the more conscious your victory is.
In addition, some believe that the more the developer spent on the game, the more commission it charges from the online casino.
And it results in higher minimum bet for the player.

Check the paylines

Although this sounds like an obvious thing – get acquainted with the rules of video slot you play, yet maybe someone forgets. Check all the paylines and the meaning of the symbols.

Watch your bankroll

he trite phrase “Play responsibly” is not so commonplace if you really start to get sucked into the game. I have never lost more than $10k at a time; this amount is the limit for a day for me. Choose your limit and in no case exceed it, even if it seems the luck is just around the corner.

Take the bonus

This is always additional key to success. Especially if free spins are given with reasonable wager, it makes no sense to refuse. If you use the bonus wisely and wager it according to the requirements, you can significantly increase your balance.

Jackpots in slot machines

Progressive slots or jackpots are common in Canadian casinos, but not in all of them. Let’s first define how the system works, and then have a look at the Top Online Casinos in Canada with Jackpots.

There is a golden rule for jackpots – the more popular the online casino is, the more players there are, the larger the jackpot prize pool is. All this because the jackpot is collected from players bets, it is played among all the players, and only one person takes everything. The mechanism is simple – when playing progressive slot machines, a percentage of your bet goes to the jackpot fund. And accordingly, the more people play, the more solid the jackpot amount becomes, but it will be more difficult to get the coveted prize in the end due to large number of contenders

This is why I prefer to play regular, non-progressive slot machines and win less yet more often, than wait for fantastic millions of dollars. However, sometimes I still do a couple of spins, when there is a green light on my wait all day long – who knows, maybe it’s my lucky day?!

There are several types of progressive jackpots:

Stand Alone Progressive

“Stand Alone Progressive” is a jackpot from one slot machine only.
Accordingly, only folks who play this slot can claim the prize, but it cannot be very large a priori.

In House

“In House” is a jackpot from all slot machines in one online casino. The so-called golden mean. However, given that from 50 thousand to 1 million gamblers can play on large gambling portals per day, it is clear they all contribute but at the same time they are all willing to take their chance to win.

Area Wide

“Area Wide” is a jackpot generated by a network of online casinos owned by one owner. Here it becomes harder to bite off such a sweet cake.
In addition, you need to bet the maximum in order to increase your chances.

The real cases of big wins I know of are $1 billion 568 million in PowerBall by lucky bastard from the States and $640 million in Maryland Lottery by another bastard from somewhere else.

Top Online Casinos with Jackpots in Canada:

  • Jackpotcity Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Ruby Fortune

Best Jackpot Slots:

  • Mega Moolah – Microgaming
  • Mega Fortune – NetEnt
  • Arabian Nights – NetEnt

Bonuses in Free Slots Games

Every slot game published online has additional features that can increase your winnings after each round. Wild symbols, which replace any other symbol, and scatter symbols, which trigger special promotions such as free spins while playing, are the main elements of slot games.

Many games include a variety of fun in-game bonuses associated with their theme; such bonuses can unlock multipliers for your winnings. These games range from a simple win-or-lose game round to a full-fledged mini-game played between spins.

100% match bonus based on first deposit of $10+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only
Bonus Code
Valid Until: Dec 31, 2021
100% match bonus based on first deposit of $20+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only
Bonus Code
Valid Until: Dec 31, 2021
100% match bonus based on first deposit of $20+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only
Bonus Code
Valid Until: Dec 31, 2021
100% match bonus based on first deposit of $20+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only

What is the Difference between Free Online Slots and Real Money Online Slots?

Free Online Slots

Real Money Slots


  1. Suitable for beginners who want to practice without spending real money.
  2. Great to start playing immediately without registration or download.
  3. Safety of your contacts and data that you do not provide to online casino, since you do not register.


  1. There is an opportunity to win real money, and possibly even big jackpots when making minimum deposits.
  2. For real money players, bonuses, loyalty programs and VIP status with privileges are available; this includes ability to quickly cash out your winnings.
  3. You can win jackpot


  1. It is impossible to win real money. Even if you put the minimum amount of $10 on your deposit, you have a chance to win a large amount.
  2. It is impossible to take part in drawing of jackpot and other prizes.


1. There is a chance of losing large amount of money if you do not play responsibly and cannot stop in time.