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Perhaps this is not the first page you are checking out for information on how not to screw up when starting to play in online casino. The choice of online Casinos for Canada is mercilessly huge, and there is so much information that it is difficult to decide who you can trust. So in this Online Casino Guide for Beginners I’ll let you know some tips and tricks.

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Finding the Right Online Casino in Canada

This casino guide will try to answer all the questions that beginners face. 7 years ago I started playing having no knowledge and strategies at that time. My experience was not always successful at first, but the more you play, the better you understand the rules and the more you enjoy it. Therefore, I will just tell you what experience I have gained, what I have learned and what mistakes should not be made at the beginning of the journey. Btw, to know more about me in case you’re interested, please check on the main page of my blog Canada Casino Pro.

Important aspects when choosing online casino in Canada

When choosing online gambling resource, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • casino security
  • license
  • user reviews (not damn important, sometimes they are fake)
If you are worried about the safety of online casinos, keep your mind off. If making a research you see that many gamblers recommend certain casinos, if there is a license certificate on casino website, if you have checked that the casino has existed for more than 5 years, you can be sure that such online casinos in Canada value their reputation and you can exclude the possibility of fraud. Independent experts have verified all casinos listed on my website.
Large online casinos license their activities, work only with licensed software from leading developers, and protect your data with SSL encryption, which prevents third parties from intercepting your data.
When playing in licensed Canadian casinos listed on this website, you can be confident of your security.

Secondary factors

Interface convenience

All people are different and everyone perceives the information on monitor screen in their own way. Nevertheless, there are certain rules of behavior for online casino players that are monitored by casino owners and adjusted based on general usability. It is important to pay attention to download speed, games running slow, information being displayed correctly. If you see crooked casino websites – be careful, it may be fake instead of well-known casino brand. On casino website, use links from reliable sources only. If you are not satisfied with location of buttons and navigation in certain games, it is not a problem – usually there are dozens or even hundreds of games for every taste on one casino website. You can try a few for free in order to understand what game brings you the most pleasure.

Variety of games offered

The more games a casino offers, the more customers will be satisfied. Online casinos offer to play roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and slots in cryptocurrency, as well as bet on sports and even play with live dealers. It is the availability of a huge variety of different games that qualitatively distinguishes online casinos from land-based ones. Due to the fact that virtual space gives a casino opportunity to offer a huge number of games on its website, the choice of online slots is much wider than the set of machines in land-based institution.

Deposits and withdrawals at Online Casino in Canada

Casino should provide the most convenient methods of making deposits and withdrawals. Today, it is most convenient to make instant bets in cryptocurrency. In addition, account verification and other lengthy procedures connected with the process of withdrawing currencies are not required; therefore, litecoin casinos, bitcoin casinos and online resources with other cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity. However, many also use bank transfers, Pay Pal, Ecopayz, Instadebit, Iterac, Netteller, Skrill.

Casino bonuses and promotions

Casino bonuses and promotions are something most beginners pay attention to, thus willing to pay the minimum and still get a chance to win a large amount. Most casinos have a first deposit bonus for newbies. Usually online casinos offer to use 100% match to the deposited amount. However, some casinos have a requirement of wagering the amount equal to bonus; generally, terms and conditions in different casinos may vary. Therefore, you need to be careful with bonus programs.

Efficient customer support

If you are very worried when signing up on Canadian online casino website for the first time, contact support after registering. For example, you might ask which game you should begin with or choose, or make sure that as a Canadian online casino player you can make a deposit on this specific website. It is important to understand how quickly they will answer and how they will politely present the information requested.

Casino Guide: Games with Decent Odds

After choosing a decent online casino, you need to choose the game. Do you know how to play blackjack, poker or roulette? Do you know the rules? On the other hand, perhaps you prefer online slots?

If you are familiar with the rules of your favorite game, it will not be difficult for you to register on online casino website and start playing for real money.

Here is a list of Top-4 Best Casino Games in Canada, I’m confident in them and recommend these websites for beginners to play comfortably without any problems. You can pour a glass of wine and sign up immediately, but it’s better to read to the end. After all, you need to figure out how to make a deposit, whether the game on the computer is different from its mobile version, how to withdraw your winnings, whether it is necessary to pay taxes when playing in online casinos in Canada, etc.

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Which game is best for casino newbies?

Let’s first define the goal – why do you want to play online casino games?

Usually there are two simple reasons:

  • You either want to develop your skill and become a super professional in the game of poker, blackjack, baccarat – cool professional player who makes real money in casino with his skills and his mind
  • Or you want to relax, escape from problems and rely on luck hoping that luck will turn to you and one day you will turn into a millionaire. In the best online casinos in Canada, jackpots reach as much as $70 million.
Playing online, you can choose to play free slots, but this is boring and makes little sense when gambling. For beginners, Casino Guide recommends starting with small bets of a few cents in order to control the game.
Real money roulette is also a good option for beginners. The win is always 50/50. You can bet on either black or red, on odd or even numbers. However, I recommend not betting on specific number, if you do not have the gift of foresight; just keep in mind, the odds are 37 to 1.
If you want no difficulty on your side at all, play keno or bingo online. All you need to do is select several numbers on the card and click on the bet to determine if the numbers you have selected coincide with those chosen by the random number generator. Even if not all numbers match, you can win. In addition, the stakes in lotto games are very low and you will have to play a lot to empty your pocket.
If you understand your goal and have roughly decided which game you might like, start taking the first steps.
Even if you want to play games like blackjack, baccarat, poker, casino guide recommends you to start small, and understand how betting works. Start with learning the basics and rules of the games, and gradually apply them in practice.

Casino Games: rules and odds

Slots Tips

  • In order for winning combinations to appear more often, players should make bets in slots with low or medium volatility. Of course, for many players, progressive jackpot slots are more seductive and thus more attractive. However, not everyone succeeds in hitting the jackpot. For this reason, experienced gamblers prefer to bet in classic slots, where they can win way more often.
  • If you are planning to turn this way to have fun into a source of income, use the services of quality and reliable casino. If you place bets in dubious casinos, the winnings may turn out to be fake, yet your investments will be quite real.
  • Before you place real bets, try the demo version of online slot you like. In this case, you can test its capabilities and assess the frequency of winnings.
  • If you managed to get several wins in a row, and the total amount of profit from one game session was more than 10-20%, it is better to change the slot, since the subsequent game is unlikely to be so efficient.
  • Distribute your gaming budget wisely, assessing the size of the bets and their quantity. Do not make several large bets with a small budget, it is better to distribute them evenly between all bets. The game session should consist of at least 30-40 spins.
  • If you have completed more than a dozen spins, and none of the spins had positive result, change online slot.
  • Do not try to break a losing streak. Even if you really want to get your money back, it is better to complete your game on time and return to win your money back the next day.
  • If you find it difficult to stop on time and lack the necessary degree of self-control, use the limits provided by the casino.
Safe Online Casinos Canada

Blackjack casino guide

  • Choose the right casino. Different institutions vary the rules, which affects the likelihood of a client winning. What increases your chances of winning: maximum allowed number of re-splits (x2); the possibility of doubling the bet on any two cards; prohibition for the dealer to take on soft 17 hand(x3).
  • Do not consider playing if Black Jack payout is less than 3:2 (some establishments offer 6 to 5, and this is what gives them the biggest advantage).
  • Manage your bankroll. Determine a budget; determine how much money you can lose without much damage to your daily life. In no case go beyond this framework. Do not place your bets with the last money you’ve got, let alone with borrowed funds.
  • Determine the size of each bet correctly. There should be no place for reasons like “it seems to me” and “it will definitely come now”. Following various pseudo-systems will also prove harmful. Especially beware of multiple increases – doubling after every lost bet (so-called the Martingale method). Following it will only result in after having lost six times in a row (which sometimes happens) you “hit” the maximum on the table (x7) and lose your entire bankroll.
  • Strictly follow the basic strategy. Only minor deviations are allowed. However, leave this option for experienced players. We will try to prevent mistakes that are most typical for beginners.

Online Blackjack Guide

Roulette casino guide

  • Do not try to guess the next sector of the wheel based on the results of past throws and do not apply the “miraculous” algorithm. Some gamers believe that if it is even four times in a row, then it will be even for the fifth time as well. However, mathematical calculations do not really work here. Even if it is even ten times in a row, next time the chance of getting odd is still 50%.
  • Don’t rely on different betting tactics and winning systems. Innovative rates, like Martingale, are certainly progressive, but they initially have a solid percentage of money lost. These systems are primarily called progressive because they involve progressive payouts. If using such a system you lose five rounds in a row, the final loss will be enormous.
  • . It is necessary to determine the goal of winning. If a gamer deliberately takes risks in the game, he must have a specific plan and determine his desires. In addition, he needs to set a money limit that he is willing to spend on the game. Everyone dreams of a big win in roulette, but you shouldn’t give up on your goal. Experts advise stopping the game when a gamer has won or lost $50. This amount of winning or losing is the limit and a signal to quit the game. As a result, certain money is saved, which will allow you to continue enjoying the game.
  • Don’t be upset about losing. The real player enjoys participating in the gameplay. Victories are impossible without losses. This rule is true for any undertaking.
Online Roulette in Canada Casino

Poker casino guide

Winning poker game is several times more difficult than getting good payouts in online roulette. Knowledge of simple rules is absolute must.

  • Start with a free game.
  • Define the format of the game: no-limit hold’em, the most common type of poker can be played at a full ring table (9 or 10 players with a slow pace of play), a 6-max table (6 players with a faster pace), and heads up table (two players and very aggressive play). In the last two, you are more involved in the game, and thus have a higher percentage of hands per hour.
  • Don’t ignore bonuses. Each poker room offers certain bonuses to new customers. While the size and conditions for receiving these bonuses vary in different poker rooms, most of the bonuses only require you to make a deposit, and depend on the size of the deposit. All bonuses have their own requirements that you must satisfy (in most cases – wager a certain number of points) before you can withdraw money that has been added to your account. However, sometimes some poker rooms offer no deposit bonuses.
  • You must know absolutely all poker combinations by heart. Memorize them like a multiplication table. This is very important, since half of your success depends on knowing the combinations.
  • You need to learn how to bluff. Do not listen to those players who claim that bluffing in online poker is useless. This is not the case. Bluffing tactics will help you play and win every day.
Online Poker Guide in Canada

Baccarat casino guide

  • Before playing baccarat, find a casino that charges the lowest commission on winnings on banker’s hand (less than 5%). Since this is the most popular Baccarat bet, you shouldn’t give casino any extra money. Naturally, choose among well-known online casinos where you can be sure of the fairness of the game.
  • Consider your chances of winning depending on what kind of baccarat you are playing and how many decks of cards are used in this game. In accordance with this, make a decision what type of bets you prefer.
  • A bet on banker hand always has the most chances of winning, therefore in most cases it is preferable to bet on Banker.
  • Don’t assume that counting cards in online baccarat can give you an edge over the casino or help you win. Counting cards when playing online baccarat is ineffective and you just waste your time doing useless calculations.
  • Before starting to play for money, we recommend that you carefully read the rules of baccarat and practice playing for free. In addition, if you prefer to play for real money, be sure to set the maximum amount of losses and the amount of winnings after which you will leave the gambling establishment. This way, you can maintain your balance and avoid unnecessary risk.
Baccara Online in Canada

Online Casino Bonuses – maple syrup for Canadian gamblers

Let’s take a closer look at casino bonuses, as they attract a lot of attention from newbies. Actually, this is the goal of anн online casino – to lure players and with the help of bonuses stimulate them to take certain actions – sign up, make a deposit, etc.

Types of Bonuses

No deposit casino bonus

Today it is found on almost every website that offers slots and roulette. It is also popular with Canadian gamblers. After all, in order to get such a casino bonus, you do not need to spend your own money. Many sites use this kind of incentive to attract new users and encourage them to open their own gaming account. The main disadvantage of this type of bonuses is that it is quite difficult to withdraw winning you got from no deposit casino bonuses.

Deposit Match bonus

Deposit reward is also very popular. Such bonuses are awarded to new users in case they deposit their account on website. The amount can be fixed, but most often, the service simply doubles the deposit. Online casino with a deposit bonus makes the player wager the reward. In this case, more loyal conditions are offered. To get a profit, you need to calculate how much you will theoretically spend using such a promotion.

VIP bonus

Any gambling service tries to retain its audience. Therefore, regular users are regularly rewarded. How to get a casino bonus for being active player? To do this, web resources provide monthly, weekly and quarterly prizes. Birthday incentives, bonuses for participating in tournaments and various promotions are also popular.

Cashback bonus

The word cashback, which has long been familiar to us, implies a return of certain percentage of the amount of funds you spent. The same procedure works in online casinos. If you have a cashback bonus, online casinos of Canada will return you up to 10% of the loss.

For more details on other bonus options, follow the link

Playing in a casino that offers welcome bonus is not only pleasant, but also profitable. If you choose a service that offers the best rewards, it will have beneficial effect on your wallet, and in general will cheer you up. However, before accepting the generosity of the casino, make sure to read WAGERING REQUIREMENTS.

100% match bonus based on first deposit of $10+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only
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100% match bonus based on first deposit of $20+. Additional bonuses.
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Bonus Code
Valid Until: Dec 31, 2021
100% match bonus based on first deposit of $20+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only
Bonus Code
Valid Until: Dec 31, 2021
100% match bonus based on first deposit of $20+. Additional bonuses.
New customers only

Casino Guide: What to start with?

Start with a free game

Seriously. Let’s be honest, are you going to play slots or roulette for the first time? Try to play for free. Yes, this is not the same level of excitement, but when you understand the rules of the game, you will always have time to make your first deposit. You do not want any premature disappointments. Gambling is about fun, the main thing is to understand how it works and how it can bring pleasure.

Choose TOP rated casino

Choose a verified, licensed casino that has been in existence for at least 5 years. This casino guide offers you a list of top rated online casinos in Canada that have been rated by professional gamblers, as well as read reviews from other players in the comments.

Choose banking method carefully

When you start playing for real money, the main thing is to choose a reliable payment method.

Here I have listed all payment methods that work for Canada and that allow you to safely make payments and withdraw money from online casinos.

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